Benefits for the Client

Benefits-for-ClientWe are confident the deployment of BIM modelling will result in significant savings during the design and construction process. Construction methods, site logistics and programmes will be more robust and efficient, and can be closely monitored. This will benefit everyone involved. Other long term benefits that Building Information Modelling will bring to a project for the client are;

  • Harmonisation of the design team
  • Early identification of design co-ordination issues
  • Facilitate comprehension and communication of the designer’s vision
  • Proactive collaborative problem solving decisions
  • Safer exchange of secure project information and centralised project information
  • Cost and Time Saving as quality of construction documentation is improved and problems are eliminated before the start of works on site.
  • Risk Mitigation by early and timely clash detection of building services elements before the start of construction phase


  • Co-ordination of time and space requirements between various trades promoting effective sequencing
  • Provide a clear work path for all project participants to produce high quality, accurate and precise construction documents
  • Shorter delivery programmes and a reduction of RFls during construction
  • Reduction of site phase change orders for the project
  • Avoid revisions of completed work
  • Reduction of stored and waste materials