Beith St, Glasgow


Siting on the site of the former Partick railway station, on the banks of the River Kelvin, the land forms part of a wider masterplan providing a new residential quarter with links to Glasgow harbour. Its a long term vision and the two student blocks proposed here form the first steps to its completion.

The challenge when developing high density student accommodation is to create community and quality external space. Luckily, we’re working with Downing, acknowledged as one of the best providers in the country, who are committed to providing students with a great quality of experience.

The derelict land, adjacent to Benalder Bridge and Beith Street, has significant level differences across the site, which we have exploited via new public realm.

In terms of appearance, facing brickwork combines with natural stone on the most prominent corner of the site and is curved to create a landmark at a key junction. The blocks are 10 storeys in height, with the top two storey set back.

The scheme ties in with a new riverside walk, which will be developed over the coming years, as the rest of the site is developed.

A reinforced concrete frame was utilised on piled foundations. The main structural columns were precast with the slabs traditionally reinforced. The curved element on the junction of beith St and Banaulder St required a 1.5m cantilever slab to achieve the architectural aspiration.